Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've arrived!

It’s been less than 24 hours since we’ve deplaned, but already we’ve experienced so much we’ll only be able to share the very briefest of highlights. Last night after dropping off baggage at the hotel a few wandered out to find themselves “bustin’ a move” with the locals… apparently we’ve arrived at the end of an Indian festival, and my understanding is David, Joe, and Bob showed our Indian neighbors how we groove in Hollywood as they helped with the celebration!

After fitful rest for more than a few of us, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at our hotel with lots of the coffee with warm milk that put Starbucks to shame. We then piled onto the “Destiny Bus”. No joke that is the name of our bus! Can you believe it?! We love it… Juliette likened us to the Partridge Family with Kirsten playing the role of the mom and David leading the charge as we all break out into a round of “Come on, get happy!”
So Destiny took us to church where a number of our friends are regulars and we enjoyed incredible worship with them. We then were very blessed to enjoy lunch at our friends’ home, and after went out to a home for boys. This beautiful couple has opened their home to raise ten boys they’ve rescued from the streets of Mumbai. In addition they have their own little girl. Their hearts are full of love for these boys and the boys have flourished in their home. All of this was very moving and we’d love to share more of the stories when we return. Here are a few pics until then… Namaste!


PS-We've had a little problem with technology so this post is a little late; hopefully we've worked it out so we can connect easier in the future.

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