Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lights... Camera... Action!

Only a couple of weeks to go before we see our name in lights in the land of Bollywood! We're joking of course. Since we're leaving Hollywood for Bollywood, we thought it would be fun to show our team in a Bollywood movie poster.

Seriously though, we are making our final preparations for our sojourn to India, and despite the many challenges many of us have experienced in preparing for the trip, we really feel God's presence working in and through us. Please continue to pray for us and the connections we make in India. We feel blessed by your support... thank you.

1 comment:

a feckless boy said...

Christ be in your eyes
and seeing
Christ be in your ears
and hearing
Christ be in your mind
and thinking
Christ be in your heart
and feeling
Christ be in your hands
and touching

the mighty three
Your protecter be...