Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where's Bob?!?

We're home! After taking planes, trains, and automobiles over 27 hours to get back we arrived at LAX safe and sound early Friday afternoon. It was great to be greeted by Brandon and Joe's parents smiling faces. One of our teammates, Bob, decided to extend his journey in India for another week, so after getting use to accounting for all ten of us, it became a running joke on the way home for Joe to ask, "Where's Bob?!" I posted a link to the Sojourners blog earlier in our trip where Bob has been writing updates about our India journey, but this link will go to all of the posts instead of just to the one.

We still have more to share about the end of our trip, as well as reflections from a few of our team, so please check back with us in the coming weeks (and possibly months) as we process and share more about our trip, and our response to all we've experienced.

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Margaret said...

So where exactly is Bob???

--- Bob's Mom